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Here are a few of the 100's of books that can be found on sudden and violent death.

Remember, you can always put the book down when the material does not fit your needs.

Criminals and Victims: A Trial Judge Reflects on Crime and Punishment, Lois G. Forer

Don't Shoot! My life is valuable, Maita Floyd, Eskualdum Publishers, Lts., P.O. Box 50266, Phoenix, Az 85076-0266, 1-800-848-1192 Fax (602) 893-9225. This book deals with the lifetime grief of attempted murder survivors.

Fire In My Heart, Ice In My Veins. A Personal Journal for Teenagers Experiencing A Loss, Enid Samuel Traisman, Centering Corporation, 1531 N. Saddle Creek Road, Omaha, Ne 68104-5064, (402) 553-1200, FAX (402) 553-0507. It is not always easy for teenagers to talk to adults. This journal gives teenagers direction and focus. The headings let you know that what you're feeling is real and normal.

Hope For The Bereaved, This is a workbook done by various folds. Short, readable form. Covers lots of losses - spouse, child, suicide, murder and death of parent. Discusses many questions.

Human Side of Homicide (The), Bruce L. Danto

Just Us, Wanda Henry-Jenkins, Centering Corporation, 1531 N. Saddle Creek Rd, Omaha, NE 68104-5064, (402) 553-1200, FAX (402) 553-0507. This book is unique in several ways. It defines the difference between homicide bereavement and grief from other deaths. It provides unusual support for families struggling with the media, the police and the courts, and it gives good ideas for celebrating the murder victim's life and integrating grief. 64 pages

No Heroes, No Villains: The Story of a Murder Trial, Steven Phillips

No Time For Goodbyes, Janice Lord calls this book, coping with sorrow, anger and injustice after a tragic death, but violent death might be more accurate. Good with emotions following sudden death. It's practical. It deals with attorneys, trial, financial problems.

The Crime Victim's Book, Morton Bard & Dawn Sangrey

The Human Side of Homicide, Bruce L. Danto

The Invisible Victim: The Criminal Justice System's Forgotten Responsibility, Robert Reiff

The Victims, Frank G. Carrington

Understanding the Criminal Justice System, J.L. Barkas

Victims, J.L. Barkas

What murder Leaves Behind: The Victim's Family, Doug Magee, Excellent book for victims of homicide

Who Lives happily Ever After?, Sharon Turnbull, For families whose child dies violently. Explore unique feelings of overwhelming rage, injustice, blame. We visit the media and the legal system. On the second anniversary of his murder, I put a single daisy on the spot in the parking lot where he died. The sun was baking the pavement and I stood, cried and felt him there. Then I walked away with my head held high.

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