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Symbolic Ways to Honor Your Loved One

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Symbolic Ways to Honor Your Loved One


Purchase a special remembrance candle. Place in a prominent place in your home. Burn all day.

Place a special rose or bouquet of flowers on a table by a photograph.

Attend a religious service.

Spend spiritual quiet time on the holiday morning.

Visit the cemetery

Have family members or friends write a special card or note, or buy a special ornament.

Light several candles for loved ones and special people, throughout the holiday season.

Purchase a new, special frame for your loved one's photograph and display the newly mounted picture in a prominent place.

Make a memorial contribution in his/her name to POMC.

Share photo albums with family members and friends, recalling happy memories.

Give a gift to or from your loved one to your favorite charity.

Plant a living memorial tree or shrub.

Give a toast at the holiday meal.

Help someone less fortunate than you.

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