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National Awards
Becky Reed Memorial Award:

This award was established in 1995 and is named for the daughter of Ann Reed whose concern about the use of murder as entertainment was the impetus behind the creation of the Murder Is Not Entertainment (MINE) program. This award recognizes outstanding efforts on behalf of the MINE program.

1995 Kincaid Middle School, Houston, Texas

1996 Margie Mayer, Watertown, Minnesota

1997 Pat Robinson, Colorado

1998 Long Island, New York POMC Chapter

1999 Albany New York POMC Chapter

2000 Debbi Melaragno, Menton, Ohio

2001 Sandra Lewis, Peninsula/South Bay, California

2002 Richard Waldman, Miami, Florida

2003 Don and Beckie Miller, Glendale, Arizona

2004 Lavada Austin-Giesey, Metro Detroit, Mich

2005 Ted Davis, Indiana

2006 Debbie Scott, Grove City, Ohio

2007 Donna Kukura, Long Island, New York/Suffold County


2009 Fran Smith, Kingsford, MI

2010 Patsy Payette, Minnesota

2011 Ted Davis, IN



This award was established in _____ and is given to extraordinary individuals who have shown outstanding courage on behalf of victim/survivors.

2012 Terry and Bill Barton, Cincinnati. Oh


This award was established in 1991 and is presented to a POMC Chapter for their outstanding achievements in the area of public awareness, superior programs of assistance to survivors, success in Chapter fund raising and their unfailing support of National POMC and compliance with its bylaws.

1991 Wichita Kansas POMC Chapter

1992 Central Arkansas POMC Chapter

1993 Metro Detroit POMC Chapter, Michigan

1994 Greater Portland Oregon POMC Chapter

1995 Madison Wisconsin POMC Chapter

1996 St. Louis Area-Wide POMC Chapter, Missouris

1997 Contra Costa County/East Bay, CA Chapter

1998 Houston, Texas POMC Chapter

1999 Peninsula/South Bay, CA POMC Chapter

2000 Maine POMC Chapter

2001 Minnesota POMC Chapter, Hope, Minnesota

2002 Valley of the Sun POMC Chapter, Phoenix, AZ

2003 Shenandoah Valley, Virginia POMC Chapter

2004 Orange County, California POMC Chapter

2005 Central Ohio POMC Chapter

2006 Delaware County, Aston, Penn POMC Chapter

2007 San Antonio Chapter, San Antonio, TX

2008 Greater Cincinnati Area Chapter, Cincinnati, OH

2009 San Diego Chapter, San Diego, CA

2010 Central Ohio Chapter, OH


2012 Greater Portland Area Chapter

Empty Shoes Award:

This award was established in _____ and presented to an outstanding individual in recognition of their contributions to the memory of those who have died by violence.









2008 Dr. Henry Nicholas III




2012 Lisa Northam, CEO and founder of American Crime Victims Coalition


This award was established in1998 and is given to a person that exemplifies positive support and help in the media. This award was changed to the National Service Award in 2001.

1998 Eric Schlosser, Journalist

1999 Montel Williams, Montel Williams Show, TV

2000 Judi Villa, Reporter, Phoenix, Arizona


This award was established in 1993 to recognize a professional who has demonstrated extraordinary understanding of the need of survivors and who has offered exceptional assistance in supporting those needs. Father Ken Czillinger was instrumental in providing key assistance to Bob and Charlotte Hullinger in the development of POMC.

1993 Steve Sunderland, Cincinnati, Ohio

1994 Kathy Yarnall, Orange County, California

1995 Brian Zubel, Oakland County, Michigan

1996 Janet Childs, Centre for Living With Dying,Santa Clara, CA

1997 Patricia Chave, Program Director Nassau County,NY Crime Victims Assistance Center

1998 Carla J. Stoval, Attorney General of Kansas

1999 Mary Jo Speaker, Victim Witness Specialist, OK and Bobbie Fullerton, Victim Liaison Dept. Of Corrections, OK

2000 Sherry Kiyler, Tempe, Arizona

2001 Dick Barrett, Saint Paul, Minnesota

2002 n/a

2003 Kim T. Parker, Kansas City, Missouri and Chief Deputy District Attorney

2004 Dan Brady, Illinois State Representative

2005 Jim Mooney, Missouri

2006 n/a

2007 Kim Ogg, Houston, TX

2008 Mark Boyce, Long Beach, CA

2009 Karin Ho, OH

2010 Steve Twist, AZ.


2012 Dr. Joanne Cacciatore, Mothers in Sympathy and Support Foundation

John W. Gillis Leadership Award:

This award was established in 2008 to recognize outstanding leadership in the fight for justice and due process for survivors of homicide and for all crime victims.

2008 John W. Gillis

2009 Joe Deters, Hamilton,

2010 Delaware County District Attorney, G. Michael Green


2012 Dave LaBahn, President & CEO of Association of Prosecuting Attorneys



This award was established in 1990 and is presented to an outstanding individual who has shown exemplary contributions to all survivors of homicide victims, acts of compassion that have contributed to the recovery of survivors, and dedication in supporting full rights for victims/survivors.

1990 Robert & Margaret Coombs, Winfield, Illinois

1991 Jean Lewis, San Jose, California

1992 Louise Powell, Cincinnati, Ohio

1993 Barbara and Sid Davis, Long Island, New York

1994 Martha Johnson, Tallahassee, Florida

1995 Doris Williams, Miami, Florida

1996 Rita Goldsmith, Sedona, Arizona

1997 Hyman Eisenberg, Minn

Special Award,Nancy Ruhe-Munch, Cincinnati, Ohio

1998 Joan Synarski, Portland, Oregon

1999 Ross and Betty Parks, Fletcher, N. Carolina

2000 Ann Reed, Cincinnati, Ohio

2001 Gussie Hammock, Little Rock, Arkansas

2002 Sherry Mitchell, Sarasota, Florida

2003 Mary Elledge, Oregon City, Oregon

2004 Annette Blomenfield, Miami, Florida

2005 Jim Lym, Minnesota

2006 Maridel Ripley, Claremore, OK

2007 Frank Parish, Houston, TX

2008 Corinne Radke, Wichita, KS

2009 Ted Simpson, Streator, Ill

2010 Russ Simpson, Toledo, Ohip

2011 Jim Lynn, Mi

2012 Susie and Rodney Chrisman


This award was established in 1995 and is given in recognition of work which promotes and supports the image of POMC, and has contributed to the memory of those who have died by violence.

1995 Richard and Kim Wright, Cincinnati, Ohio

1996 Hon Robert P Ruehlman, Hamilton County, OH

1997 Jan Thomas and Sheila Kappa,  Art Teachers at Oak Hills High School, Cincinnati, Ohio

1998 Bobbi Ecker Blatchford, Chicago, Illinois and the CA Correctional Peace Officers Assoc

1999 Buick Motor Division

2000 Sue Veldkamp, Cincinnati, Ohio

2001 Dr. Robert Aranosian, Pontiac, Michigan

2002 Pat Bosworth, Crystal Lake, Illinois

2003 John Gillis, Director, Office for Victims of Crimes, US Department of Justice, Washington, D.C.

2004 Steve Weiss, Long Island New York Chapter

2005 Kathy Guzman, Arizona

2006 Governor Janet Napolitano, Arizona

2007 Madonna Jean Pitrucha, Houston, TX

2008 Don Miller,

2009 Barbara Koeppel, FL

2010 Upper Chichester Board of Commissioners. Delaware


2012 Lt. Joe Knott, Phoenix Police Department


This award was established in 2001 to recognize persons, businesses, schools and others that support or promote the philosophy of POMC.

2001 Fort Worth Star Telegram, Texas

2002 Deboreh Dixon, Cincinnati, Ohio, Reporter for W.K.R.C.

2003 n/a

2004 n/a

2005 Mike Masterson, Arkansas

2006 Fred Williams, Cincinnati, Ohio

2007 Randy Wallace, Fox News, Houston, TX

2008 Memorial Garden Memorial Park, Brea, CA

2009 Congressman Steve Chabot, Ohio

2010 Mike Masterson, Arkansas




This award was established in 2002 and is presented to individual(s) who have been instrumental in solving crime in their community through acts of extraordinary courage.

2002  K-9 Bach & handler Police Specialist David Kennedy

K-9 Aegor & handler Police Officer Robert Boyce

K-9 & handler Police Office Martin Odom

2003 H.G., Wichita, Kansas, Jason Levine and

Andrew Schreiver

2004 n/a

2005 n/a

2006 n/a

2007 n/a


2009 Debbie Culberson





1990 Betty and Ross Parks, Fletcher, North Carolina

Corrine Radke, Wichita, Kansas

Nelan Sweet, Miami Beach, Florida

Jean Lewis, San Jose, California

Judy Nichols, Highland, Missouri

Dee Dee Kouns, Portland, Oregon

Doris Tate, Rancho Palos, California

1991 Jean O’Hara, Pleasant Hill, California

Dennis Holland, Locust Valley, New York

Shirley Cox, Cleveland, Ohio

Shirley Parish, Houston, Texas

Susan Kelley Leiker, Wichita, Kansas

Ron Bailey, New Whiteland, Indiana


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