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To those who will be attending a meeting for the first time, this will be the most difficult meeting that you will attend. You will be allowed to speak freely, in a safe place, or you may not feel like talking at all. We understand your pain, and we are here for you for as long as you need us. Although we are sorry that you have to be here, we are glad that you found us.
Most meetings begin with introductions and each survivor telling of their loss. Often there is a topic to guide discussions, such as the grief process, the criminal justice system or favorite memories. Usually meetings revolve around group members' own knowledge and experiences, but occasionally outside speakers are invited to present information and to learn from survivors.
One member said: "In the meetings, people are so supportive, you don't have to be afraid to say what you feel. No one is there to judge your feelings or to persuade you to think differently." A reporter described a meeting in Wisconsin: "These mothers and fathers talked about their feelings of anger, hopelessness, bitterness and their seemingly endless grief. No one told them 'Forget about it' or 'You should be over that by now'." As members help one another by sharing experiences, feelings and insights and by allowing others to do the same, their grief is somehow lessened.
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PARENTS OF MURDERED CHILDREN and Other Survivors of Homicide

For The Families and Friends of Those Who Have Died By Violence


Peninsula/South Bay, California Chapter 

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This chapter was established on November 16, 1981

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